Moroccan Branch of Thyssenkrupp Aerospace Fully Operational

Rabat – The Moroccan branch of Thyssenkrupp Aerospace has delivered its first major order for processed aluminum plates. The order signifies that the new site in Casablanca is now fully operational.Thyssenkrupp is a German producer of steel, machines, and industrial services, such as high-speed trains, elevators, and shipbuilding.From its bases in Duisburg and Essen, the company has spread to over 480 locations worldwide. The branch near Casablanca is Thyssenkrupp’s second in North Africa. Egypt was its first on the continent. The Moroccan branch is located on around 3,500 square meter in the Ouled Salah area, between the city center of Casablanca and the airport industrial area.In addition to producing and storing metals (such as aluminum, steel, and copper), the company also uses state-of-the-art machines to cut the material exactly to customer specifications.Even before the official opening of the Thyssenkrupp’s aerospace facility, two supply agreements were signed with aircraft parts Figeac Aero Maroc and ARM Group.Why CasablancaThe Casablanca location provides better proximity to local partners. Being closer to clients is particularly important for short-term delivery requests. In addition to this benefit, customers no longer have to operate their own warehouses. Instead, they can have the required materials delivered as needed.“Our new materials processing and logistics center in Casablanca serves precisely [the] needs and ensures just-in-time supply to our customers,” Eric Cornilleau, managing director at Thyssenkrupp Aerospace France said.Cornilleau elaborated on the company’s plan which highlights customer satisfaction, “we have shortened the distances to our local customers, which benefit our partners and allow developing our relationships with additional volumes to be supplied to the Moroccan companies.”Read also: Canadian Aerospace Firm Bombardier to Sell Plant in MoroccoJoachim Limberg, CEO of Thyssenkrupp Materials Services, stated that the new site underlines Thyssenkrupp’s ambition to be a reliable and strong partner alongside their customers, highlighting “With our broad and deep experience as a system partner, we ensure that our customers can focus even more on their core business by taking on the complete management of logistics, warehousing, and supply chains.”Cornilleau said, “The aerospace industry has been growing rapidly over the last years, which is why reliable, timely supply and sustainable quality via a local presence is very important to our customers.” read more