Four arrested over death of baby

Information regarding the death surfaced only two days ago and following a Magisterial inquiry conducted yesterday the four suspects were arrested and remanded. The mother has been detained in hospital and the Magisterial inquiry was carried out yesterday. Four people have been arrested over the death of a newborn baby in Wilgamuwa, the police media unit said today.The police said that the mother of the child and three other women were arrested after the new born baby was found dead and buried. Initial investigations revealed that the mother gave birth to the child in November and with the help of the suspects the child was killed, wrapped in cloth and dumped in a pit. Meanwhile in a separate incident in Yakalamulla, a 19 year old girl was arrested after she killed her new born baby.The police media unit said today that the mother had given birth to the child after having an affair with a man while being employed at a garment factory in Horrana. read more