Hidef dinosaurs Capcom may reboot Dino Crisis for Xbox One

first_imgIf you enjoy a bit of survival horror from Capcom, then recently your choices has been limited to games carrying the Resident Evil name. However, that may be about to change as the Japanese developer is rumored to be considering a reboot of its Dino Crisis IP.Dino Crisis originally appeared on the PSOne back in 1999. It mixed survival horror gameplay with dinosaurs–clearly a winning combination. It got ported to the Dreamcast and Windows after that, and was followed up with two sequels, Dino Crisis 2 and Dino Crisis 3. The first two are available on the PlayStation Network for $6 each if you want to check them out.The rumor of a reboot comes via NeoGAF, with user Jawmuncher claiming The Official Xbox Magazine in the UK contains news of a new game in the next issue. The fact it is appearing in an Xbox mag also suggests Microsoft may have done a deal to get an exclusive.A new Dino Crisis game with HD graphics on the Xbox One is certainly nothing to complain about. And it could lead on to a series of new games Microsoft can rely on for sales for years to come. I’m sure Sony would fight hard to get them, too, though.Of course, a new Dino Crisis game could actually mean a new Dino Stalker. That’s the light gun game Capcom released on the PS2. I guess it would count as a game that requires Kinect, but I think we’d all much rather have a HD survival horror game that takes full advantage of the Xbox One’s performance.last_img read more