By FFWPU Australia In conjunction with the Fourth

first_imgBy FFWPU AustraliaIn conjunction with the Fourth Anniversary of True Father’s Seongwa, a three-day exhibition on the life of Sun Myung Moon is being held at the Oceania Peace Embassy in Sydney, from September 13 to 15, 2016. The purpose of the exhibition is to present the life of True Father to the general public. This is also in line with True Mother’s words to encourage worldwide membership to testify to True Parents.The exhibition project started in the beginning of the year with a team of members preparing contents and photos for the exhibition. The Exhibition Team met regularly to make progress and overcame several hurdles along the way. One of the hurdles was to find suitable and high-quality photos for the 38 panels of exhibition. Editing of the contents and pro-reading were done in the final week before printing. Finally, we were able to complete the project just in time to begin the three-day exhibition.ContentsThe contents are broadly divided into thirteen booths. Each booth consists of three panels presenting different topics of Father’s life. All together, there are 38 panels in the exhibition, covering Father’s life from birth in 1920 to his ascension in 2012. In this exhibition, we present a panel on “Holy Wedding of Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han, the True Parents” and a panel on “My Wife, Hak Ja Han.” This allow us to introduce True Parents. When guests want to know more details about True Father’s life, we sell True Father’s autobiography to them. (Click here to see these panels)Mobilization & AdvertisementFirst of all, we invited local members to attend the exhibition. For the public, we are distributing around 2000 flyers to the students in three campuses, namely University of Sydney, University of Notre Dame, and University Technology Sydney (UTS). Also, we focused on residential area around Chippendale, delivering 2000 flyers to their mail boxes. Furthermore, we advertised through Multicultural NSW to a mailing list of several hundreds.Opening & ReceptionThere was a reception at 10 am on the first day, 13 September. Religious leaders, Ambassadors for Peace, university students, and blessed families were in attendance. Master of Ceremony was Jynene Helland. Rev Greg Stone delivered the opening remarks. A tribute video was shown entitled, “A New Way to A Global Community of Peace.” Messages were given by religious leaders such as Prof Dr Brikha Nasoraia, the High Priest of the Mandaeans and Venerable Dr Thich Minh Tam, Rector of Hwa Yen Buddhist Institute Sydney. Rev Jong Deug Yoo presented a message explaining who Rev Moon is. There were two presentation songs by the Sydney Family Church choir. The closing remarks was given by Rev Soon Teck Lim. He highlighted the three visits of Rev Moon to Australia. He also expressed thanks to staff members for their investment in completing this project.ConclusionWe are very inspired by the life of True Father. We are grateful and proud that we can present True Father’s life to the public around the Fourth Seonghwa Anniversary. This is truly the time to testify to True Parents and introduce their vision and teachings to the world.We are going to evaluate this project at the end. We look forward to learning from the feedback and improve every aspect of the exhibition for the future.We would like to thank Rev Jong Deug Yoo, Regional President Oceania, for his support in this project. He has helped us to look for high-quality photos from Korea. Our deepest appreciation to the Exhibition Team for the dedication and sacrifice. Special thanks to Mayumi Okoshi for helping us to find high-quality photos of True Parents from the U.S. We would like to also thank Lea Smith for patiently working in design and printing of the exhibition materials.Finally, we offer sincere thanks to local members who come despite their busy schedules to support the exhibition. The Japanese CIG missionaries and OLT members have been on the forefront of inviting guests into the exhibition hall. We warmly welcome Rev Arai, State Leader of Victoria who traveled here to observe and learn from this exhibition.Special thanks to the Exhibition Team: Chris Bruce, Greg Hanson, Jynene Helland, Greg Stone, Soon Teck Limlast_img read more