Dr Mario World Is Nintendos Next Mobile Game

first_img Mario Kart Tour, Nintendo’s upcoming smartphone version of the massively popular kart racer, won’t be hitting iOS and Android until this summer. However, when it does arrive (hopefully with fewer microtranscations) it won’t be the only new mobile Mario game. Nintendo announced that its next mobile game is Dr. Mario World, also coming this summer. Check out this new trailer for the game coming July 10 and try to figure out how Bowser got a medical license.All we got was this logo, but it’s safe to assume the game will bring Dr. Mario’s classic puzzle gameplay to phones where it’ll be a great fit. If your only experience with Dr. Mario is playing as him in Smash Bros., Dr. Mario the game is about matching colorful pills onto the correct viruses to eliminate them. It’s similar to something like Tetris but requires different kinds of strategies.Nintendo says Dr. Mario World will be a free-to-play game with optional microtransactions. While we would love it if more people would just pay for mobile games, after the underperformance of the premium Super Mario Run I guess Nintendo just can’t ignore the business models that actually succeed on mobile no matter how exploitative they are. It worked for Fire Emblem Heroes. Maybe it’s just a commentary on the broken economics of the health care system, just like Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and the housing market.One last curious detail about Dr. Mario World is that it is being co-developed with LINE Corporation and NHN Entertainment. LINE is a massively popular Japanese messaging app, so that should give the game a lot of reach at least in its home country. It also suggests that maybe Nintendo is rethinking its ongoing mobile collaborations with DeNA, a mobile gaming company it bought a percentage of. Mario Kart Tour will be the last of the initial five-game DeNA deal (kicked off by the now-shuttered Miitomo), and Nintendo has already published one mobile game with no DeNA help at all, Dragalia Lost by Cygames.Nintendo politics aside, Dr. Mario World should be a great way to vet that plumber’s medical license on your phone this summer. Here’s what we think some future Nintendo mobile games might be. Stay on target ‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’ Was Final Mission From Late Nintendo President‘Ring Fit Adventure’ Is a Nintendo Switch Exercise RPG last_img read more