Verizon Wireless LTE network goes down

first_imgVerizon Wireless has been making a big deal of their 4G LTE network lately, and for good reason: it’s already one of the nation’s fastest and most widespread 4G networks. Unfortunately, that network took a dive last night, and as of this writing is still down. The worst part is that customers who own the HTC Thunderbolt, Verizon Wireless’ flagship 4G LTE device, were left not just without 4G service, but also without 3G service thanks to a known issue with the phone. Ouch.Verizon Wireless’ corporate Twitter feed has confirmed the 4G outage, and has been providing updates on it as the day goes on. Unfortunately, they haven’t provided an estimate as far as when 4G service will be restored. The company’s 3G network is operating normally, so most customers aren’t feeling the pinch.AdChoices广告Considering the number of devices that support Verizon’s 4G network is still pretty slim, the number of people hurting from the outage is still relatively small. After all, aside from a number of cellular modems and a MiFi device, the only available handset that supports LTE is the Thunderbolt. The upcoming Droid Charge by Samsung will also be a 4G device, and Motorola Xoom users will be able to update their devices to 4G later this spring, but other than that there are no 4G devices with release dates just yet.Even so, it’s a bit of a black eye for Verizon Wireless, who’s been aggressively advertising its 4G speed, rolling out LTE in new cities, and pushing handset manufacturers to roll out new devices as quickly as possible. It’s also not good news for a company that prides itself on its network reliability. In the meanwhile, 3G customers won’t notice a difference, and those users with a MiFi or a 4G modem will default to 3G connectivity until 4G access is restored.Read more at Twitter (@VerizonWireless) via Engadgetlast_img read more