Motorola tips Droid Bionic for this summer says hang tight

first_imgThe Droid Bionic was one of Motorola’s superstar devices at CES in January, and it was supposed to be on the market by now. The phone was rumored to be canceled, then officially delayed, and analysts speculated that the phone was going to be scrubbed altogether. Then, some leaked images of the phone appeared on the Web, but things have been quiet since then. Now, Motorola Mobility tipped on Twitter that the phone is coming soon, and is “slated for [a] summer release.”If you’ve been waiting for the holy grail of a 4G dual-core Android phone on Verizon Wireless, the Droid Bionic has been the phone to wait for. One Motorola Droid owner had been waiting long enough for the Bionic, and decided to take to Twitter and go right to the source: he asked Motorola.AdChoices广告Clint Michel tweeted that his Droid just broke, and he had been waiting for the Bionic as his next Android phone. He begged to know how much longer he would have to wait for it, and noted that he may be forced to buy the Droid Charge – a Samsung phone – instead if Motorola didn’t ship soon.Normally that kind of note wouldn’t elicit a response from a PR or social media team responsible for a corporate twitter stream, but in this case Motorola responded. They told Clint to “hang tight,” and that the Droid Bionic is coming and slated for a “summer release.”They also noted that the Motorola team is working on “some new updates,” which likely point to the design changes Motorola said they were making to the device based on feedback they got at CES.The notable thing about the “summer release” remark is that Motorola’s official statement said they were delaying the Droid Bionic until Q3. Depending on whether or not you consider August to be summer or fall, it means we’re looking at a July or August official release, and an eventual end to the saga of the Droid Bionic.Read more at Twitter, via Nexus404last_img read more