Raiders owner Mark Davis gives ‘heartless’ interview after final game in Oakland

first_img“I’ve already been there in 1982 when we left the first time,” said Davis to Oakland news station KTVU. “So it is not that big of a deal now.”#Raiders fans deserve more than this from an owner. Sad.— Cameron Cleveland (@CamCleve2) December 16, 2019MORE: Why are the Raiders moving to Las Vegas:?Raiders fans were not happy with Davis’ comments.This has everything you’d expect from Mark Davis:1. Heartless2. Soulless3. Clueless about PR4. Clownish wardrobe straight outta “Dumb & Dumber”5. Deeply stupid6. Can barely put a single sentence together.7. A public embarrassment— Chris De Benedetti (@CDeBenedetti) December 16, 2019Can’t even come up with literally anything to say…pathetic. What a joke.— Danna (@rockridgeAsfan) December 16, 2019Mark Davis is an asshole. This is precisely why cities need to stop giving welfare to @NFL teams. Look at Stan Kroenke. He left St. Louis high and dry. Spanos screwed San Diego. Both bolted for LA. These owners don’t give a damn about these cities. They care about $$$.— rolandsmartin (@rolandsmartin) December 17, 2019Mark Davis can kick rocks. Looking forward to when the NFL takes the team from him and Jerry gets to sell it to one of his buddies.— Dieter Kurtenbach (@dieter) December 16, 2019Despite being a very wealthy person, tact is something Mark Davis does not possess, nor can he purchase it— Sean Cunningham (@SeanCunningham) December 16, 2019I would not wish relocation on any fan base ever it’s devastating. Be thankful most of you are fans of teams whose owners appreciate loyalty. Mark Davis is the scum of the earth.— Roddy (@TheRoddyP) December 16, 2019Mark Davis sucks. #RaiderNation— Andrew Shannon (@daSHANNIMAL) December 16, 2019 Raiders owner Mark Davis is being called heartless for his interview following the Raiders’ final game in Oakland.Davis was asked to share his feelings about the team moving to Las Vegas — and he had some interesting words about leaving.last_img read more