Golden Om Youth Group honours Rose Hall Estate farmers

first_imgIn observance of Father’s Day last Sunday, the Golden Om Dharmic Youth Movement of Reliance, East Canje Berbice distributed hampers to several fathers who were laid off from the Rose Hall Estate.Some of the men receiving hampers from members of the Golden Om Youth GroupPrior to its closure, the Golden Om Dharmic Youth Movement had been lobbying for the Government not to close the Rose Hall Sugar Estate, sighting the negative impact closure would have on the lives of the sugar workers.President of the group, Pandit Deodat Persaud, explained that from the time the estate was shut down, many workers have been seeking the assistance of the Golden OM Dharmic Youth Movement to acquire new jobs.“Some of them need recommendations, and one thing I said to our members is that we are going to help these workers,” he explained.He noted that since the estate’s closure, the group has provided counselling to many workers who were having difficulty coping psychologically. “We have seen that there is a need for help, and we will continue to help,” he declared.Pandit Persaud noted that farmers have made pledges to assist the group in its continued efforts to reach out to the displaced sugar workers. “We have had donations (coming) from as far as the Essequibo Coast,” he revealed.The Golden OM Dharmic Youth Movement this year also gave bursaries to twenty children of displaced sugar workers from the Rose Hall Estate.“We believe, as an organisation, we must share the healing and (empathise) with the workers. We know that it is not easy on those families,” he explained.He said that, even without a job, the men are fathers, and children will still look up to them because of respect; and at the same time, these children have certain expectations.last_img read more