Area-51 Says “I Do!” Intel Comes of Age with First 18-Core Chip

first_imgLegal adulthood, the right to vote, the age of consent… Let’s face it: 18 is a big deal! So, we’re thrilled to congratulate Intel on its new 18-core multiprocessor, not the least of which because it’s the first-ever chip company to cross that threshold.And it’s not crossing it alone. In a pairing that would make a professional matchmaker proud, the new Alienware Area-51 is embracing Intel’s 18-core CPU like a giddy groom. The best PC gaming rig in the industry, the first 18-core core chip? A marriage of equals.Area-51, being Alienware’s first born, flagship product, debuting in 1998 and winning Editor’s Choice from PC Gamer Magazine the same year. Within eight short years, PC World would name the Area-51 desktop among the 25 Greatest PCs of All Time, soon evolving from classic to legend with its radical and beautiful “Triad” redesign. Understandably, we’ve always wanted Alienware’s flagship desktop to be paired with a best-in-class CPU, and the new Intel 18-core is all that.With the most cores in the industry, there’s a reason the Intel® Core™ i9-7980XE CPU is called the “Extreme Edition.” Ars Technica called it “monstrous,” recognizing its 18-core, 36-thread assets is unprecedented, enhanced by a 24.75MB cache, up to 4.4GHz with Intel Turbo Boost Max 3.0. Announced at Computex 2017, the Core X-series processor family is, to date, the most powerful high-end desktop platform offered by Intel, the ultimate mega-tasking tool for both gamers and developers to meet the highest demands of PC gaming, virtual reality (VR) experiences, content creation and overclocking as necessary.Intel’s 18-core powerhouse is perfectly matched by the new Area-51. Maximized for 4K, 8K and VR applications, our flagship rig supports NVIDIA SLI and AMD Crossfire graphics technology, with dual processing unit options. In addition to thermal and overclocking controls, the proprietary Alienware Command Center makes gameplay thrilling with AlienFX, AlienAdrenaline and AlienFusion features.  This is all perfectly matched with the iconic Triad chassis purposed for an uncompromised gaming experience thanks to exceptional airflow, thermal management and ergonomics. Alienware’s Area-51 with Intel Core i9-7980XE CPU is available on September 27 starting at $3,999.Fiercely committed to offering the best, most innovative solutions to our gaming community, Alienware has shown leadership throughout 2017 with the most available VR-ready systems, OLED displays and other industry firsts. Now we’re proud to partner with Intel on a system that’s more powerful than love at first sight, and faster than a pair of newlyweds heading to their honeymoon.last_img read more

Top 10 reasons to join the Dell EMC HPC/AI Community

first_imgHelp shape the future of HPC and AI.It’s an exciting time to be in Information Technology! As high performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI) converge and evolve to encompass more use cases across more industries, the possibilities seem nearly limitless.Experience has shown that open collaboration is the best way to advance the state of the art quickly and fruitfully. That’s why the Dell EMC HPC/AI Community is expanding — to bring together the wide-ranging experience and know-how of technology developers, service providers and end-users in a worldwide technical forum that promotes the advancement of innovative, powerful HPC/AI solutions.This involved and active community has been instrumental in advancing HPC and AI to this level — and we’re excited to hear from you at SC19. Here are 10 reasons to join us:Hear what others are working on. The Dell EMC HPC/AI Community fosters discussions among experts that we hope will lead to more effective advanced computing solutions. Plus, it’s an opportunity to compare notes with your peers and bring new ideas back to your own projects.Get insights into new systems, technologies and best practices. Our members are keen to share their expertise, insights, observations, suggestions and experiences to improve current HPC/AI solutions and influence future technology.Tell Dell EMC what you want to see on the roadmap. The Dell EMC HPC/AI Community brings together customers, users, partners and engineers to share ideas about current and future Dell EMC advanced computing systems.Tell Intel®, AMD®, NVIDIA®, Mellanox® and others what you want to see on the roadmap. Dell EMC engineers are not the only experts in the community. Our world-class partners are also active participants and want to hear what you have to say.Watch a hot debate between technology makers. When great minds meet, they don’t always think alike. Whether it’s the best networking topology or the relevance of the benchmarks used to rank the TOP500® list, member viewpoints vary and discuss their positions. We believe we’re all better off for it.Be a rock star and give a presentation. If you like the spotlight, you’ve come to the right place. Dell EMC HPC/AI Community meetings give you a chance to present to others in the industry. Every meeting, we ask for volunteers who wish to present.Collaborate: discuss what’s on your mind and get insights and ideas. Dell EMC HPC/AI Community members work together to advance the industry, impact end-users and help in the design, delivery and deployment of new technologies.Meet new people. Our meetings give you the chance to mingle with your peers and take advantage of one-on-one meetings with Dell EMC executives, technical staff and others.Catch up with your friends. If your other friends get confused when you bring up embarrassingly parallel workloads and scratch their heads when you wax poetic on the nuances of artificial neural networks, join us. We understand.Have fun! See 1–9 above. We love talking about all things high performance computing, artificial intelligence and exascale, and we get excited about the possibilities. And, we’d like to meet you.Join the dialogue and transform the future of HPCCome see what it’s all about at SC19. We’re having a Dell EMC HPC Community meeting as part of the conference on November 18, 2019. The event will feature keynote presentations by HPC experts and a networking event to discuss best practices in the use of Dell EMC HPC/AI systems.The Dell EMC HPC/AI Community is open to all customers and partners with a current Dell NDA. You are invited to become a member and attend these events featuring insightful keynote presentations by HPC experts, as well as valuable technical sessions and discussions.Learn more and join us!Join the community at org.Register for SC19, November 18–21 in Denver, CO.Register for the HPC/AI Community meeting and workshop at SC19.Access the Dell EMC HPC and AI Innovation Lab team at com and com/hpc and read more

Autodesk University 2019 Preview: Dell Delivers F1 Performance to Manufacturing & Engineering Industry Leaders

first_imgThe Manufacturing & AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) sector has always been about creating safer, stronger, more efficient and more cost-effective products. How do leaders in this industry continue to raise their already high bars? They constantly transform their engineering workflows with the most powerful technology tools so they can develop better designs faster.Starting today, our most powerful 15” mobile workstation, the Dell Precision 7540, is available with up to an NVIDIA Quadro RTX 5000 graphics card option. The combination of the power and thermal design of the Precision 7540 with the world’s first ray-tracing GPU means that technical professionals can tackle intensive design and visualization workloads with ease.At Autodesk University (#AU2019) this week, Dell Technologies, NVIDIA and HTC specialists will be on hand to offer advice and share demonstrations of the latest solutions for the sector.Dell Technologies’ customers include some of the world’s leading Manufacturing and Engineering companies, and at #AU2019, we’ll be spotlighting our work with the McLaren Group.Nose of Lando Norris, McLaren MCL34The Dell partnership is helping McLaren bring innovation to the forefront as fast as their race cars. Every decision made at the IT level has a direct impact on drivers on the track. The faster McLaren can design and bring components from the lab, the more success they have on the track.Dell Technologies helps McLaren design, prototype, and develop race car systems more rapidly and efficiently, and deploy complex simulation tools so their drivers and teams know exactly what to expect on race day. McLaren is in a race not just on the track, but also off the circuit as car designs are constantly changing.The McLaren Formula 1 team and the new McLaren Arrow SP Indycar team rely on Dell Precision workstations during the car development process, using them to help bring their designs to life. The workstations have also helped to adapt McLaren’s design workflow by powering VR and 3D CAD visions where full clay models would have been built historically. By digitizing a significant portion of the prototyping process, McLaren engineers can make tweaks almost instantly, helping them to perfect their cars more quickly, saving valuable resources and money.The roll-out of Dell Precision mobile workstations across the organization also means that team members have been able to access vital projects on the go, without sacrificing the processing power needed to fuel-intensive workloads.If you’re attending #AU2019 and are an auto enthusiast (or not!), you won’t want to miss the chance to visit Dell Technologies (Booth #AE300) in the Sands Convention Center. Come check out the stunning McLaren 720S – get a fully-loaded VR experience in the driver’s seat and geek out on the latest technology that drives the supercar’s award-winning design.We’ll also have an exclusive demo of Autodesk VRED 3D visualization and virtual prototyping software which taps into NVIDIA RTX technology for GPU raytracing and AI-powered acceleration to perform accurate real-time rendering. This demo will be powered by a Dell Precision 7820 tower workstation loaded with two NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000 cards and an HTC Vive Pro Eye headset.Dell and McLaren will also be hosting and participating in various workshops throughout the event. It’s going to be an exciting and busy week for the industry – we look forward to seeing you at the show!last_img read more

Five Things to Consider When Buying Your First Server

first_imgWhether you are a small office or a global enterprise, a server is the lifeblood of your business – that’s why finding the right one is essential. As your business expands, you may be considering server options to help your employees collaborate, share tools and information. Maybe you’re concerned about data that needs to be secured, or you’re thinking about what type of solution you will need in the long run. Choosing the best server for you and your business can seem like a difficult process, but really, it’s a lot simpler than you think.First, ask yourself, “What are my business goals? What type of IT solution do I need to address my requirements? How will this server benefit me?” Essentially, consider how will you be using this server. Some common uses for servers are web hosting, email, and print. If you can align your business and IT requirements, you do not have to worry about being held back as your business grows.To help get you started in your search, here are 5 tips to consider when you start looking at servers:1. What Server Fits Best for You?In order to answer this question, you must ask yourself some simple, but important questions during your server selection such as, “What business goals do I want my server to accomplish? How much office space do I have available?” Servers come in different shapes and sizes that are categorized into racks, towers, and modular. Always keep in mind that one size does NOT fit all.Rack Servers are designed to be installed within a rack chassis that holds multiple servers on top of each other. These are great if you want to be prepared to scale your business and want to consolidate IT.Tower Servers are built for stand-alone operations and occupy the least amount of floor space. They can fit underneath or on top of a desk. These also make great first servers because they offer plenty of power and are similar to a desktop computer. However, they do take up more room when it comes to expanding.Modular Servers allow for multiple servers to be housed in a given chassis and offer shared IT resources to manage dynamic workloads.2. How Will You Be Utilizing Your Server?You’ll need to know what primary tasks you’ll be performing and then determine what hardware you’ll need to consider so you get the most out of your server.Will you be needing to print and/or use email, or do you have databases or business applications? The type of applications will determine the type of processor, memory, and storage capacity you’ll need.Another piece to think about is having hot-swappable components in your server. We live in a world where we are always on the go and can’t afford to have server downtime. Having hot-swappable hard drives or power supplies will allow you to replace a piece of hardware without the need to power down. You can continue to run the server and keep working without interruption.3. What is Your Budget?Servers are available in a range of price points depending on the specificity of your workload. It’s up to you to determine what workload to run on your server. Make sure you consider your business long-term. In the long run, a more efficient server will reduce your total cost of ownership. Consider a server that will be able to adapt to your growing needs and future technology changes. Having scalability offers potential savings, plus you’ll have the most up-to-date hardware.For example, one-socket servers are great for a small or growing business. Did you know, according to a Gartner analysis, “By 2021, dedicated x86 single-socket servers will be able to address 80% of the workloads in use in enterprise data centers, up from 20% in 2018.[1]” These servers will be able to complete your tasks at a high-performance level.4. Are You Anticipating Future Growth?Speaking of scalability, think about how many people access the network now and, how much space and power you use today. Then think about how much that will change in the next 6 months, a year, or even 5 years. You want your server to be able to grow with you and adapt to your needs.Why should you consider a product that is easily scalable? Because it will impact your total cost of ownership and business. Scaling late in the game may require the need to purchase more servers than originally expected. The same goes for with the software that’s available. If you don’t have a way to handle these updates and increases, you may lose efficiency and the quality of service may suffer. You want something that will grow with you and not hold you back.5. How Will You Protect Your Data?Security is a huge risk for all businesses. You can’t afford to leave your data vulnerable to security breaches, cyber threats, and other vicious virtual attacks. The average total cost of a data breach in the United States is $8.19 million.All Dell EMC servers are designed to be cyber-resilient and come with built-in security programs so you can easily automate.<span style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” data-mce-type=”bookmark” class=”mce_SELRES_start”></span>Your server plays a critical role in your business and selecting the right one can play a major role in your business growth and IT goals. If you seek reliable, affordable, and scalable servers, consider the one or two-socket Dell EMC PowerEdge rack or tower servers.Contact your small business technology advisor for more information at 877-BUY-DELL.Follow us and join the conversation on Twitter @DellEMCServers. [1] Tony Harvey, “Use Single-Socket Servers to Reduce Costs in the Data Center”, December 5thlast_img read more