Instrumental Music Education, Full Time, Tenure-Track, Assistant Professor

first_imgThe position requires a full-time teaching load as specified byuniversity policy, with appropriate reassignment time for oversightof students and educational partnerships.Serves as Instrumental Music Education Coordinator, a liaisonposition with the College of Education and ProfessionalStudies.Teaches Courses that may include: Marching Band Techniques;Introduction to Music Education; Secondary Methods for InstrumentalMusic Education; Woodwind, Brass, Percussion, and/or StringTechniques (depending on experience and expertise in candidate’sperformance area).Actively recruits for the Instrumental Music education program,through school visits, participation in OkMEA activities, and thelike.Performs additional duties that could include: Band andEnsemble Conducting responsibilities, Conducting classes,supervision of student teachers and/or collaboration on studentteacher assignments, graduate courses in support of the Master ofMusic degree in Music Education. QualificationsExperience Required:Teaching, research, departmental/school and university service isexpected. An earned doctorate degree awarded by a regionallyaccredited or internationally recognized institution in the fieldspecified in the position announcement (exceptions require AcademicAffairs approval). **NOTE** If the doctorate is not obtained andsubmitted by the time of employment, the position rank will changeto TT-Instructor.Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: College Overview:The College of Fine Arts and Design is a center of excellence forthe arts and design, as well as a center of innovation forimproving and promoting arts education. Founded in 2001, thecollege combines the experience of Oklahoma’s oldest publiceducational institution with groundbreaking thinking about the roleof the arts on the 21st century. The College of Fine Arts andDesign nurtures leadership qualities in students, thus expandingthe scope and qualities of their career opportunities. Theinstitution’s emphasis is on student­-centered education. Thiscommitment to excellence provides students the opportunity tointeract and work closely with our more than 100 outstanding fulland part-time faculty members who are dedicated to developing theartist, scholar, creative professional, educator, citizen andleader as a whole. With more than 200 performing and visual artsevents every year, the college provides students from a variety ofacademic disciplines and programs to come together to viewexhibits, attend special events, experience performances, takeclasses and discuss their work, and ultimately learn to bothspecialize and think from a global perspective. The College of FineArts and Design currently has six academic units, the Department ofArt, Department of Dance, School of Design, Department of TheatreArts, School of Music and the Academy of Contemporary Music andspecialized accreditations from National Association of Schools ofMusic (NASM), National Association of Schools of Art and Design(NASAD) and the Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA).For further information see our website .School of Music Overview:The UCO School of Music has a current faculty of over 35 full-time(of which 26 are tenured or tenure-track positions) andapproximately 35 part-time faculty, combined with a full-timeprofessional staff of 8. There are approximately 350 studentsenrolled in degree programs that include the BA, BM, BME, and MM,within the framework of six divisions: Jazz Studies, MusicalTheatre, Piano, Strings (Orchestras), Vocal Arts (Choirs andOpera), and Winds/Percussion (Bands). The University of CentralOklahoma and all of our curricular offerings are accredited by theNational Association of Schools of Music. For additionalinformation, please see our website at .Position Overview:Teaches, advises and mentors students, evaluates studentperformance, and maintains department and student records inaccordance with university policies. Adheres to the educationalphilosophy of the university. Works in a collaborative manner withcolleagues and professional peers. Participates in universitymeetings that relate specifically to faculty. Serves on department,college, and university committees as requested. Preparesdepartmental reports as requested. Engages in teaching, service,and scholarly and/or creative activities as defined by the tenureand promotion policy in the UCO Employee and FacultyHandbook.Job Description: Physical Demands:Reasonable accommodations (in accordance with ADA requirements) maybe made, upon request, to enable individuals with disabilities toperform essential functions. College teaching/directing experience.National Board Certification or similar recognition ofachievement.A record of success as an instrumental teacher/conductor. Required Education and Experience: Significant experience teaching grade 6-12 instrumental musicin a public, private, or parochial school.A terminal degree in Music Education, or Education-related area(ABD could be considered). Preferred Education and Experience: Extensive knowledge in the field of Instrumental MusicEducation with specialty areas and experience teaching band and/ororchestra.Ability to effectively teach undergraduate and graduatestudents in a variety of formats (face-to-face, hybrid, online asappropriate).Ability and commitment to conduct research/scholarly/creativeactivities and provide service to the School of Music asneeded/assigned.Ability to work within a collaborative facultyenvironment.Ability to communicate effectively in both oral and writtenform.Ability to work effectively and patiently with students.last_img

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