Protest for the Oxford two

first_imgAnimal rights campaigners protested against the University’s plans for a new animal holding facility last Saturday. Demonstrations throughout the week, led by SPEAK, ‘the voice of the animals’, culminated in 150 protestors on Broad Street issuing the University with a list of demands. These include abandoning the £18 million building, which they believe will lead to increases in animal testing, and the freeing of the ‘Oxford Two’, a pair of rhesus macaque monkeys who have been in captivity for 15 years and subjected to artificially induced brain damage. The University has dimissed both demands claiming the number of animals tested should not increase and that the ‘Oxford Two’ were terminated four years ago. This claim was met with scorn by SPEAK, who have demanded independent verification, saying the University will “have to do better than that”. There were no arrests and the protest was described by an eyewitness as “angry, but peaceful”. However, away from the scene, contracters’ car tyres were slashed and paint was poured over them.ARCHIVE: 3rd week TT 2004last_img

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