first_imgWe hope that today’s “IS IT TRUE” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way?IS IT TRUE we wonder why judges who say we don’t need to stand up when the Nation Anthem is played expect us to stand up when he enters the room?IS IT TRUE we wonder what would happen when a Judge enters the court room if everyone would  go down on their knees?IS IT TRUE that a CCO reader was at the airport, checking his bags at the gate when an airport employee asked, has anyone put anything in your bags without your knowledge?  …he replied, “if it was it was without my knowledge? IS IT TRUE back in February 2017 it was stated that the per night rooms rates for the downtown Hilton Doubletree Inn will be between $130 to $250 per room? …we hope that Hilton Doubletree Inn CEO has a lot of wiggle room to reduce their room rates in the $90 range so they can be competitive with other well established local Motels and Hotels? IS IT TRUE in a recent City-County Observer “Readers Poll” we  asked the question “Who was the most effective President of the Evansville Council”? …that it’s important to point out that this poll isn’t scientific but is trendy in nature? …that Curt John received 91 votes, John Friend, CPA received 69 votes, Missy Mosby received 47 votes, Connie Robinson received 39 votes, Jim Brinkmeyer received 31 votes, Dr. Dan Adams received 21 votes, B J Watts received 6 votes, Steve Bagbey received 6 votes, Keith Jarboe received 1 vote and 47 people stated that they have now idea?Todays“Readers Poll” question is: Who was the most effective Mayor of Evansville?Please go to our link of our media partner Channel 44 News located in the upper right-hand corner of the City-County Observer so you can get the up-to-date news, weather, and sports.If you would like to advertise on the CCO please contact us at City-County [email protected]: City-County Observer Comment Policy. Be kind to people. No personal attacks or harassment will not be tolerated and shall be removed from our site.Any comments posted in this column do not represent the views or opinions of the City-County Observer or our advertisers. IS IT TRUE we wonder when SMG and VenueWorks yearly financial and performance reports are going to be made public? IS IT TRUE we are hearing that the At-Large City Councilman Jonathan Weaver is seriously looking at running for the Mayor of Evansville? …we are also told that his message that we have a tax and spend Mayor is gaining momentum with the working class taxpayers?center_img IS IT TRUE we are told by reliable sources that the Evansville Water and Sewer Utilities Department are hiring private contractors to do some of the jobs that their full-time employees are qualified to do? …if this information is correct no wonder why our water rates are sky rocketing?IS IT TRUE we wonder what is the status of the multi-million dollars Johnson Control “Smart Water Meters Project”? …this project was over seen by the Evansville Water and Sewer Utilities Department? …we are told that this project may have been abruptly shut without explanation? …if this information is correct we wonder what happened to the remaining bond money from the now dormant “Smart Water Meters” construction fund?IS IT TRUE we are told that the expensive police and fire emergency radio upgrades program at the Central Dispatch Department isn’t working as planned? IS IT TRUE when it comes to telling people things were going to happen and then quickly pulling the old bait and switch routine, the last Mayor of Evansville was a master of the art?…that former Evansville Mayor Jonathan Weinzapfel was famous for promising that several things would happen without a public handout and then seeing his promises vanish into thin air? …Weinzapfel saw both the Four (4) Star downtown Hotel and the McCurdy Hotel projects vaporize before his very eyes? …the Ford Center was the only promise that happened under his watch?  …this big ticket project picks the Evansville taxpayers pockets every year for the tune of $8 Million in bond payments?IS IT TRUE that Mayor Winnecke has seemly made a political career out of making capital projects happen by over committing millions of dollars of taxpayers money for questionable capital projects?IS IT TRUE  that the newly elected school board member Anne Ennis said; “on average on any given day there are 11 unfilled substitute jobs in EVSC system?” …she also stated that; “due to a concern that my seating on the Board of School Trustees could be challenged If I continue to be a substitute teacher at Cedar Hall school and i have decide not to continue teaching? …because of Anne concern that this issue could cause her a conflict of interest problem she withdraw from her part time teaching assignments with Cedar Hall school as of today? …we commend newly elected EVSC school board member Anne Ennis for deciding not to continue being a paid employee with the EVSC? 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