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first_imgHere are some of the primary reasons that there shouldn’t be any work stoppage in the NFL this or any other year. Can we talk about the domino crash and burn effect on suppliers of the game and the fans? How many hot dogs does the NFL purchase yearly? How many sales of hot dog buns, hamburgers, beer, pretzels, etc. will fall by the wayside if this work interruption continues? A report entitled; ‘Fourth and Long’ by Preston Traverse and Joseph R. Duffy points out serious repercussions of a NFL work stoppage. The report says that, “President Barack Obama famously referred to a potential NFL lockout as being a fight between billionaires and millionaires; however the impending impact could reach far beyond the players and owners. One could equate the NFL situation to the near dissolution of General Motors; which would have not only affected GM employees, but countless organizations spread across its vast supply chain. The major difference is that many firmly believed that GM could disappear, while no one actually expects professional football will not remain an integral part of American culture. Moreover, there is simply too much revenue at stake for this issue to remain unresolved for a lengthy period of time.”Perverted outside loot. There is mad money at stake, not to be taken lightly. A report by Sarah Adams; Sports League Economic Structure And Fiscal Focus says that: “Money within the sports business industry varies in distribution among involved industries.Advertising’s ludicrous value of $27.43 billion estimates to 14.1 percent of the sports business industry. Spectator spending also holds a large monetary value of $26.17 billion and represents 13.4 percent of the sports business industry. Sporting goods represent 13.2 percent of the sports business industry and estimates to a value of $25.62 billion. At 11.8 percent, operating expenses generate $22.98 billion.Gambling holds 9.7 percent of the sports business industry and produces $18.90 billion, while travel generates $16.06 billion and represents 8.3 percent. Professional services estimate to the value of $15.25 billion and hold 7.8 percent of the sports business industry. At 6.5 percent of the sports business industry, medical spending produces $12.60 billion. Following medical spending, licensed goods represents 5.4 percent of the sports business industry and generates the monetary value of $10.50 billion. The NFL leads revenue values by producing $2.5 billion; MLB follows at $2.3 billion. Colleges, NASCAR, NBA, NHL, and other leagues, teams, and sports generate the remaining $5.6 billion.Media broadcasting rights represent 3.6 percent of the sports business industry and produce $6.99 billion. Sponsorships generate $6.40 billion and hold 3.3 percent of the sports business industry. NFL sponsors’ include Coca Cola and Reebok as the official drink and equipment of the NFL. Facility construction represents 1.3 percent of the sports business industry. The United States’ stadiums, arenas, and motor speedways reach the total value of $2.48 billion. Multimedia generates $2.12 billion and holds 1.1 percent of the sports business industry. Endorsements hold .5 percent of the sports business industry and total to the monetary value of $897 million. The Internet represents only .1 percent and estimates to the smallest value of $239.1 million.Season ticket holders’ revolt. Were all of the season ticket holders given a true and fair warning about the status of their “investment?” After all traditionally when the common man buys a “season” ticket in a significant amount of cases, the purchase is significant one plus families often keep these tickets “active” for generations. What about the loss of food and concessions revenue? From Oscar Mayer wieners to Coors Light beer, incomes and lives will be far more affected by the work stoppage than by the final box scores if they were. These providers have their own “GDP” that can only be negatively affected by any interruption in the NFL schedule, however long the duration.Let’s look at the loss of income for the common stadium worker. When the common man works less or no hours then everyone suffers, the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker. When Joe Q. Public can only go shopping once a month as opposed to four times per month, well the people that supply them suffer this interruption of the economic flow is relative to “cruel and unusual punishment.”If there is an abbreviated NFL season then all parties are to blame. There can be no scapegoat here. There is way more than enough guilt to pass around. All of these soap opera shenanigans about secret United Nations type “talks” are just plain poppycock. Trust me in the end, the only losers like always are the fans.(Aubrey Bruce can be reached at: [email protected] or 412-583-6741.)last_img

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