Toy Tuesday 11 Goopiest Slime Toys

first_img Toy Tuesday: The Best ‘South Park’ ToysThe New Lego UCS Imperial Star Destroyer Is Nearly Four Feet Long Stay on target The incredible popularity of slime is one of the 21st century’s most perplexing developments. Whatever it is about ooze, gunk, goo and slime, we’re really into it. Slime toys aren’t anything new — who can forget the awesome Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles playset that let you douse your figures in glowing green gak — but they’ve exploded over the last few years. Here’s our guide to the best and nastiest slimy toys on the market.Three-Pound Bucket Of Pink SlimeSure, you can make your own slime at home with a few simple ingredients or a kit, but sometimes you just don’t have the time or energy. That’s why having a three-pound bucket of the stuff at your disposal can come in handy. It just makes sense to stock your shed, pantry or fallout shelter with a vat of the sticky, gooey stuff. The label says “Oddly Satisfying” and we’d have to concur with that assessment. You’d be surprised at how far three pounds of pink slime can stretch.Get it at Amazon.comIt’s Alive Slime LabSlime is pretty cool on its own, but it doesn’t do a lot of movement. That’s where the “Slime-O-Nator” that comes with this science kit comes in. The clear sphere mounted atop a pedestal imbues the various substances you create with kinetic energy that causes it to react in unsettling and amazing ways, from growing and mutating to reflecting wave frequencies. It also cleans out easily for repeat usage, because you don’t want your experiments to contaminate each other.Get it at Amazon.com144 Barrels Of SlimeWhen you’re buying slime, you want to make sure you have enough. And Amazon is pretty great for bulk purchases. Case in point: a case of 144 tiny plastic barrels filled with goopy black slime. If you’re looking to simulate an ecological disaster for your G.I. Joes to clean up, this is the best place to start. You get twelve dozen boxes of the things, which should last you at least a couple weeks depending on how much terrain you want to despoil.Get it at Amazon.comMega Slime And Putty LabOne of the leading names in earth sciences has branched out into toy creation, and this kit has samples of just about every kind of slime on the market today. Liquid slime that changes tensile strength depending on how hard you handle it? Magnetic putty that can be manipulated without touching it? Slime that you can draw on with a UV light and watch glow in the dark? It’s all here, a veritable buffet of oozing experimentation for all ages.Get it at Amazon.comPink Slime Mini PlushIn the world of video games, you’d be hard-pressed to find a success story like Slime Rancher. The indie game from small studio Monomi Park perfectly hooked players with a reward loop that was low-key and satisfying, and it became a massive multiplatform phenomenon. Needless to say, with that comes tie-in merch. There are a bunch of plush versions of the game’s creatures, but we endorse the four-inch pink slime for cuteness and snuggleability. Just don’t get any of the other slime on this list on it, or unwanted hybridization may occur.Get it at Amazon.comJabba The Hutt Slime LabIf you need a little Star Wars in your slime play, this is the kit for you. “Recreate some of the disgusting and oozing substances found inside Jabba’s Palace,” says the package description. If we’re being honest, that doesn’t sound tremendously sanitary. Some of the things you can make include “mucus trail glaze” and “dungeon scum diamonds,” both of which you can gleefully pour over your Slave Leia action figure (not included).Get it at Amazon.comFunko Pop SlimerThe vast majority of Funko Pops share the same body sculpt, which obviously cuts down on production time but can leave them looking a little samey. For our money, the coolest ones are the characters where they have to innovate a little bit to present them true to form, like this take on Slimer from the Ghostbusters franchise. Eschewing a torso for goopy trails of slime that hold him aloft, this hits a sweet and weird spot in between the movie’s design and Funko’s aesthetic. And check out those teeth!Get it at Amazon.comSuper Slime StudioHere’s another well-reviewed slime creation kit that lets you express your inner artist by manufacturing a ludicrous array of goops, foams and slimes. In addition to the popular standard slimes, this comes with all sorts of interesting chemicals to add in to produce slime that crunches, glows in the dark, shifts colors through rainbow hues, and more. The crank-activated mixer helps save strain on your wrists as you become a neighborhood slime mogul.Get it at Amazon.comDisgusting & Gross Science SetThe technical term for what gives slime its elasticity is “cross-linked polymers,” and if you want to learn more about the science behind the slime while also creating some seriously gross substances, this is the kit for you. You can use the massive amounts of included ingredients and substances to make farting putty, levitating eyeballs, and all sorts of other nastiness. Although the instructions are written for younger readers, there’s still plenty of immature grown-up fun to be had here.Get it at Amazon.comLiquid Glass Thinking PuttyCrazy Aaron’s is one of the leading lights in the slime marketplace, constantly releasing new and interesting formulations for ASMR heads and people who love to stretch and squish. One of the coolest is their Liquid Glass Thinking Putty, a slime product that’s virtually translucent. As you knead and work it, it clouds over, but let it sit for a while and it’ll return to transparency. Pretty cool stuff that’s not like any other slime on the market.Get it at Amazon.comPoopsie Slime Surprise UnicornUnboxing and “surprise” toys are the other hot trend of the current year, so what happens when you combine that with the slime fad? You get a unicorn that takes glittery, gooey dumps. The Poopsie Slime Surprise Unicorn was one of the most popular toys of the holiday season, so you might as well get on board the fecal explosion train now. Feed the horned horse “unicorn food” mixed with lukewarm water, wait a second and it’ll take a glittery gout of slime diarrhea from its heart-shaped butthole. You think we’re kidding but we’re absolutely not. This thing is real and you should own one.Get it at Amazon.comMore on Coolest Remote-Controlled Toys12 Most Powerful Star Wars Toys11 Best Final Fantasy Toyslast_img

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