PDM says PNP Leaders sold Crown Land and access to Taylor Bay

first_imgThe PDM Chairman also charges the immediate past premier, Rufus Ewing of selling out on crown land at a beach, saying the current Government Administration is now busy trying to sort out these predicaments.“The people want access to their beaches.  In fact, the latest selling of beach access in this country took place not too long ago under a Rufus Ewing led PNP Government.  Our Leader and Premier is correct when she says, “we are constantly bogged down by having to fix and clean up PNP mess”.By law, public access to beaches has to be designated and registered.   There is no registered access at Taylor Bay Beach because all of the land was reportedly sold off to private developers.#MagneticMediaNews#TaylorBayBeach Related Items:#magneticmedianews, #TaylorBayBeach Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp#TurksandCaicos, January 4, 2018 – Providenciales – The PDM Administration says the Taylor Bay Beach problem where beach access is absent for the General Public wanting to enjoy the spot in the Chalk Sound area is a monster of the PNP’s making.Chairman of the PDM, Doug Parnell joins the fiery discussion on Taylor Bay Beach which erupted following an enraged confrontation on New Year’s Day.   The argument and our subsequent report is gaining national and international attention on Magnetic Media social media strings; and most find the homeowner who argues that no one is allowed onto the beach because ‘he owns it’ to be in the wrong.The PDM Party Chairman turned his attention to revelations of what caused the beach access problem in the first place.   According to Douglas Parnell, it was under a former PNP Administration that Crown Land was sold on Taylor Bay Beach.   Parnell in a media release says it is that maneuver which now makes it problematic for residents to access the public spot without crossing private land.“It is of their own manufacturing which when we fast forward the clock to 2018 from their 1991-1995 decision making we see a young Turks and Caicos Islander being choked off from some of the remaining beaches because of their decision 23 years ago to sell off choice pieces of crown land.” Twenty three years ago, current Leader of the Opposition PNP, Washington Misick was the Chief Minister.   Parnell said the Wednesday press conference held by the Leader of the Opposition was more about an internal political rivalry at the Progressive National Party.“In fact, what is comical is that Mr. Misick’s, Washington that is, press conference was a political volley attempt at the young people who he fears will rush head first into a revolution on the beach at Taylor Bay at the call of his younger brother.  The sibling rivalry is well alive in the PNP.”Indeed, Michael Misick on Wednesday announced a demonstration, of a most unusual kind.   The younger brother of Washington Misick and former Premier is promoting a party with DJ music for Taylor Bay Beach this Saturday, January 6.   In a move he has themed, ‘stand up for our rights’ and ‘let’s save our country’, Michael Misick said the entire country is invited.Parnell, Member for Cheshire Hall and Richmond explained in his Wednesday statement to media that, “We take note too of the call by Mr. Michael Misick to take back the beach he choked off from us poor Turks and Caicos Islanders and ask him to tell the truth to the people.  He should clear his name of the wrong doing he has inflicted on the good people of the TCI while sitting in office from his many decisions which are not before the court.” Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApplast_img

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