Phish Shares Video Of “Bathtub Gin” > “You Sexy Thing” Reprise From Alpharetta Finale [Pro-Shot]

first_imgPhoto: Emily Butler Load remaining images On Sunday night, Phish closed out a top-notch three-night run at Alpharetta, GA’s Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre at Encore Park. From the performance’s opening moments, everyone watching—both in person and from their couches—knew this show was going to be special.Phish came out of the gates with Hot Chocolate‘s “You Sexy Thing”, marking the first time one of the many donut-themed cover debuts from last summer’s Baker’s Dozen residency has made its way onto a post-Dozen setlist. The set continued in unusual fashion, as the band launched into the “Tweezer Reprise” that went missing from Friday’s show in the two-slot. The momentum didn’t slow from there, as the band moved into “What’s The Use?” and a well-played (and weather-appropriate) “Petrichor”. Next, the band lit into Vida Blue‘s “Most Events Aren’t Planned”—the third Phish rendition of the Page McConnell side project staple—followed by excellent readings of “Vultures”, “Reba”, and “Sand”.Cutting to set two, after opening with the first “Taste” in just over a year (since 8/2/2017), Phish set out on an exploratory version of “Golden Age”, bringing ’round the miracles that set one taught us to believe in. The set continued through “Twist”, “Waves”, “Fuego”, and a rare “Mango Song” before finally landing in “Bathtub Gin”, marking just the second time in its last 11 appearances that the song appeared in the second set. This “Gin” refused to disappoint, as the band came together for a laser-focused jam. When they returned to the song’s closing theme, rather than close out the set, Trey Anastasio led the band back into a reprise of “You Sexy Thing” to bookend the performance, smiling widely as he played. You can watch pro-shot footage of “Bathtub Gin” > “You Sexy Thing” Reprise below:Phish – “Bathtub Gin” > “You Sexy Thing” Reprise [Pro-Shot][Video: Phish]The encore continued with yet more “miraculous” hijinks, as a vocally flubbed “Fee” led Trey to invite the audience to sing along to the second and final encore number, a song they “remember all the words to.” The song, it turned out, was the instrumental “2001”, which they crafted into a funky reprisal of the show’s earlier highlights, incorporating elements of “You Sexy Thing” and “Tweezer Reprise”—at one point simultaneously. You can listen to a full soundboard recording of the show via LivePhish.Phish’s summer tour continues tonight with the first of two performances in Camden, NJ. For more information on upcoming dates, head to the band’s website.You can also check out a gallery of photos from the show below via Emily Butler Photography.Setlist: Phish | Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre At Encore Park | Alpharetta, GA | 8/5/2018Set One: You Sexy Thing, Tweezer Reprise > What’s The Use? > Petrichor, Most Events Aren’t Planned, Vultures, Reba, SandSet Two: Taste > Golden Age > Twist > Waves > Fuego > The Mango Song > Bathtub Gin > You Sexy ThingEncore: Fee, 2001Notes: Reba did not contain the whistling ending and featured You Sexy Thing quotes from Fish. Trey teased What’s The Use? and You Sexy Thing in Taste. Golden Age contained Reba whistling and teasing. Fee featured Trey on megaphone. Trey forgot some of the lyrics of Fee and told the crowd after the song, “We’d like to end the show now with something we remember all the words to.” He then began 2001 (an instrumental), encouraging the fans to help them out.Phish | Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre At Encore Park | Alpharetta, GA | 8/5/2018 | Photos: Emily Butlerlast_img read more

A breadth of learning

first_imgIf your New Year’s resolution involves learning more about Einstein or the history of the blues, you’re in luck! Harvard’s Online Learning gateway houses all of the University’s open online learning opportunities under one roof for the first time, and anyone can access the breadth and depth of Harvard’s learning content. Featuring both free courses and courses for credit, the platform also offers museum collections, lectures, podcasts, and popular programs such as “CopyrightX” and Michael Sandel’s “Justice.”“With the site, we have created a path for Harvard faculty to showcase their incredible teaching, for schools to highlight a single course or a full degree program, and for learners, in particular alumni, to dive deep into any subject imaginable,” said Peter Bol, vice provost for advances in learning and Charles H. Carswell Professor of East Asian Languages and Civilizations.“As, for example, a typical college student graduates after completing 32 courses out of the hundreds possible, we want to make it possible for them to continue to learn in their chosen fields, but also to explore new possibilities long after they have left the campus,” he said. “While ‘lifelong learning’ has become the buzzword in higher ed, it is more than a fad. Technology has liberated learning for everyone.”Enrollment dates are flexible, and courses range from introductory to advanced in all areas of study, and can be narrowed from high to low engagement.last_img read more

Culturalist Challenge! What Are Your Top 10 Stephen Schwartz Songs?

first_imgThe staff is crazy for Culturalist, the website that lets you choose and create your own top 10 lists. Every week, we’re challenging you with a new Broadway-themed topic to rank.Stephen Schwartz will celebrate his birthday on March 6. In honor of the composer of such beloved musicals as Wicked, Pippin, Godspell and more, we are thinking about which Schwartz songs we love the most. This Culturalist challenge is a YouTube spiral waiting to happen: from scrolling through the incredible number of homemade “Defying Gravity” videos or get lost in the many “Meadowlark” covers, but why stop there? Make your a list ranking your faves on Culturalist, and we can all “Thank Goodness” Stephen Schwartz was born. (Note: This is not a complete list! We simply pulled together Schwartz’s most popular songs. We know about popular.) News Reporter Ryan McPhee kicked off this new challenge with his top 10. Now it’s your turn!STEP 1—SELECT: Visit Culturalist to see all of your options. Highlight your 10 favorites and then click “rearrange list” (or, if you have nothing to rearrange, go right ahead and hit “publish”).STEP 2—RANK & PUBLISH: Reorder your 10 choices by dragging them into the correct spot on your list. Click the “publish” button.Once your list is published, you can see the overall rankings of everyone on the aggregate list.Pick your favorites, then tune in for the results next week on! View Commentslast_img read more

Shumlin names Brian Searles as Transportation Secretary and Sue Minter as Deputy Secretary

first_imgBurlington International Airport (BTV),Governor-elect Shumlin today announced his “transportation team.” Brian Searles will be the Agency of Transportation’s next Secretary; Sue Minter will serve as Deputy Secretary. Searles, former Transportation Secretary under Governor Dean, currently is director of Burlington International Airport. He has led the airport during several rounds of infrastructure improvements and increases in passenger boardings.Dick Mazza, Brian Searles, Governor-elect Shumlin and Sue Minter at the transition office in Montpelier Monday afternoon. Photo: VBM Vermont Business Magazine.‘Brian Searles has the experience, talent and leadership abilities necessary to rebuild our state’s aging infrastructure and revitalize our public transit system in a cost effective manner,’ said Governor-elect Shumlin. ‘His leadership on this critical issue will be instrumental to our mission of job creation. I am thrilled that Brian has agreed to join my administration and thank him for his willingness to serve.’Brian has worked in the public sector for more than 40 years as a police chief, city manager and airport director. He has 13 years experience in state government including Exec Dir of the Vermont Criminal Justice Training Council, Commissioner of Personnel, Deputy Secretary of Administration and Secretary of Transportation. For the past five years he has been Director of Aviation at Burlington International Airport. Brian Searles grew up in Essex Jct and received an M.S in Administration from St. Michael’s College. As Secretary of Transportation, Brian’s salary will be approximately $115,000.Searles will continue in his post at the airport until he is sworn in as secretary. The head of the airport is appointed by the mayor of Burlington, typically after a recommendation of the airport commission. The airport is part of the City of Burlington.Searles said that after 18 months in which air transport has suffered around the nation, and to some extent at BTV, passenger boardings in Burlington increased the last three months. He also said that Southwest Airlines buying AirTran could likely be a good thing for Burlington, as it would extend Southwest’s market to places like Burlington. AirTran had served Burlington from 2008 to 2009. ‘Sue Minter has incredible experience and an inspiring vision for the future of transportation in Vermont,’ said Governor-elect Shumlin. ‘Her understanding of the complex issues surrounding transportation make her uniquely qualified for this important role. I am grateful that Sue has agreed to take on this challenge.’As a member of the House Transportation Committee, Minter traveled around Vermont and was instrumental in drawing attention to the problem of Vermont’s deteriorating roads and bridges. For the last two years, she has served on the House Appropriations Committee, where she has overseen the budget of the Vermont Agency of Transportation. She has been widely respected in the Legislature for her ability to work across party lines to pass key transportation initiatives.Sue Minter received a BA from Harvard University, and a masters in Urban and Community Planning from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. As Deputy Secretary, Minter’s salary will be approximately $85,000. Also in attendance was Dick Mazza of Colchester, who is the longtime chair of the Senate Transportation Committee.With federal stimulus money drying up and the economy still sluggish, the administration and the Legislature will have fewer dollars with which to work. Shumlin stressed the need to “work smarter” with the limited resources available. He emphasized that maintenance of existing roads and bridges would be the priority over new, big ticket projects. As for the such big ticket items, he said he would not commit one way or the other to the Circumferential Highway in Chittenden County, but would gather interested parties to see what could be done. He said he did not want to be bogged down by a project that had frustrated every governor since Richard Snelling’s first term. The Circ was in the news last week following a negative report from the EPA over the Circ’s impact on local waterways. Another common theme during the press conference was the need to account for climate change, not only in the use of public transportation but also in the planning and development of downtowns.last_img read more

Living a More Purposeful Life at Emerson Commons Cohousing in Crozet, Virginia

first_imgMedical researchers and self-help writers point to how a purposeful life helping others can lead to greater happiness and longevity. We all have our own private energy-efficient homes with solar panels, private backyards and private spaces. But our homes also have a high happiness-per-square-foot due to the functioning community.  Emersoon Commons, Crozet, Virginia Emerson Commons in Crozet, Virginia (near Charlottesville) is an example of such a community.  “Below is a picture of a socially-distanced HOA meeting at Emerson Commons. One of the major points of cohousing is a balance between privacy and community.  All homes have private backyards with forests, creek and/or mountain views. As one eight year old in the photo below said, “We work together, which makes everything easier. And we play together, which makes everything more fun!” A beautiful pool, walking trails by a creek, orchard, raised bed gardens, and multiple playgrounds give us further excuses to connect with our neighbors. Brooks mentions cohousing as an alternative to isolated nuclear families. In cohousing, everyone owns their private homes but intentionally plan to interact as a community. “Strange is our situation here upon earth. each of us comes for a short visit, not knowing why, yet sometimes seeming to divine purpose. From the stand point of daily life, however, there is one thing we do know; that we are here for the sake of others.” – Albert Einstein We live a purposeful life by helping others.  As Einstein stated, we are here primarily for the sake of others. Our main life purpose might be volunteering or mission-oriented career.  But we gain a bonus extra meaning in our lives when we also contribute to the lives of the people immediately around us. Deep front porches allow easily taking the time to stop and chat. A beautiful club house allows us to have potlucks and neighborhood events together. At Emerson Commons in Crozet, we have designed a pedestrian-oriented neighborhood where we cross paths with each other often. Friendships span across the generations from age 1 to 81. As an ecovillage, it will be the first all-solar community in Virginia.  But what really sets this community apart are the many characteristics that encourage community and neighborliness, and therefore life purpose.  ​Neighbors co-manage the community and meet each other that way. For example, people can attend landscaping workdays. Working together with your neighbors rather than hiring a management company both saves money and builds connections. Emerson Common still has houses for sale and rent so please check out our website, including bios of neighbors at They typically focus on “how” to live a more purposeful life.  But they often overlook “where” to live a more purposeful life.  The “where” can also provide meaning in our lives. An excellent recent article that focuses on the “where” is by David Brooks in the Atlantic, called The Nuclear Family Was a Mistake. Brooks describes how subdivisions and housing in the U.S. have caused us to become too separated from one another. We no longer have easy access to friends, family, or a support structure as was the case 100 years ago or currently in other parts of the world. This separation and isolation have, of course, intensified in these COVID times. last_img read more

Adapt and thrive: 3 top trends in client onboarding for 2018

first_imgThe wealth management marketplace is changing fast! With the arrival of FinTech challengers, the changing expectations of tech-savvy customers, and the shifting regulatory environment, wealth management leaders are being challenged to identify what the top firms will look like in 5 or 10 years, and how to make the right investments to keep their firms among them.As a result of these shifts, many firms are looking at their client onboarding processes. They are evaluating how well these meet the needs of clients and advisors currently, and also how well they are poised to respond to changes in the industry. In discussion with industry leaders, here are 3 trends we  predict will influence client onboarding in wealth management over the next few years.1. An ever-increasing focus on client experience. Today’s customers are busier than ever. They simply don’t have the time for long preliminary meetings, or to travel to an advisor’s office to sign paperwork. And when they do meet with their advisor, they want the focus to be on holistic financial advice, not account administration.Tomorrow’s top firms are already responding to this situation by reducing the number of steps to onboard customers and maintain accounts, and by implementing technologies like e-signing and remote ID capture to keep office visits to a minimum. We also expect these same firms to explore cutting-edge technologies like biometrics, to keep their customer experience as streamlined and simple as possible. continue reading » 7SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

South Korea COVID-19 infections ‘in full swing’ after protest outbreak

first_imgKwon urged all demonstrators to get tested immediately at nearby public health clinics to protect the vulnerable around them.The demonstration may have been a “catalyst” for the nationwide outbreak, as churchgoers chartered buses to the capital from their homes across the country, including the southern port of Busan, Kwon said.Nods not hugs South Korea has reported 16,346 cases of the new coronavirus with 307 COVID-19 deaths.If infections continue rising at the current rate or accelerate, authorities say they will likely impose the strictest level of social distancing – closing schools, requiring employees to work from home and limiting gatherings to 10 people.”Please do not make physical contact. Exchange nods instead of handshakes,” Kwon said. “Refrain from physical contact such as hugging.”At least 53 of the new infections are linked to the Sarang Jeil Church, bringing the group’s total to 676. Hundreds more church members are being traced for testing.Infections from the Seoul rally and one on Aug. 8 include people from nine cities and provinces. Health authorities said epidemiological work is underway in 150 facilities, including the workplaces of infected church members.Sixty infections, including 33 from the church, have been linked to the anti-government rallies in Seoul, which drew thousands of people. At least 8,500 demonstrators had been tested as of Thursday, Kwon said.The government has banned in-person church meetings in the greater Seoul area – an urban sprawl of 25 million people – and closed other high-risk locations, including nightclubs, karaoke bars, buffets and cyber cafes.The Seoul city government restricted rallies there to fewer than 10 people from Friday through the rest of August.Topics : South Korea’s coronavirus infections are back “in full swing” and spreading nationwide after members of a church attended a political demonstration, authorities said on Thursday, threatening one of the world’s COVID-19 success stories.The Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) reported 288 new cases as of midnight on Wednesday, marking a week of triple-digit daily increases, although down slightly from the previous day’s 297.”This is a grave situation that could possibly lead to a nationwide pandemic,” Vice Health Minister Kim Gang-lip told a briefing. Without aggressive contact tracing, the country could experience the types of spikes and continued infections witnessed in the United States and Europe, said KCDC deputy director Kwon Jun-wook.”Consider the COVID-19 pandemic now to be in full-swing.”South Korea was one of the first countries outside China to see an explosive spread of the new coronavirus, but intensive tracing and testing had brought infections under control and quelled a subsequent series of spikes.The latest outbreak is driven by hundreds of infections among members of a church run by a far-right preacher. They had attended an anti-government protest in Seoul on Aug. 15, the 75th anniversary of the Japan’s World War Two surrender and the end of colonial rule.last_img read more

France’s FRR awards €1.7bn domestic, European small cap mandates

first_imgThe public fund is in the middle of the selection process for US small cap mandates, and in the early stage of the selection process for Japanese equity mandates.In February FRR announced it had lost 5.2% in 2018, its first investment loss in eight years. The stock market fall in the last two months of the year had dramatically affected its performance, it said.Further readingWhy FRR doesn’t invest in green bonds – for nowOlivier Rousseau, executive director of FRR, explains the French pension reserve fund’s approach to green bonds France’s FRR addresses Brexit concerns in manager searchThe €36bn fund took steps to remove Brexit-related uncertainty from having an adverse effect on the small cap manager search FRR’s headquarters in Paris France’s €32.6bn Fonds de réserves pour la retraite (FRR) has chosen the managers it wants to run an indicative €1.7bn in French and European small cap equity strategies.JP Morgan Asset Management, AXA Investment Managers, BNP Paribas Asset Management and Fil Gestion have landed European small cap mandates, to which the pension reserve fund previously indicated plans to allocate up to €1.1bn.  HSBC Global Asset Management, Amiral Gestion, Sycomore Asset Management, and BFT Investment Managers have been chosen to run up to €600m in domestic small cap investments.The tender was launched in April last year, with FRR saying it would pay particular attention to how managers integrated environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) issues in their processes. It has tightened its ESG focus for all manager searches.  last_img read more

‘If Chinese buyers can buy, they will’ despite COVID19 delays

first_img St Lucia Manor, 118 Hawken Drive, St Lucia. Photo: Supplied“Chinese buyers are being more cautious, but they haven’t dropped off,” he said.“With the stockmarket being so volatile, this gives mums and dads a safety net to have money in real estate.”While inquiries remain strong, the company admits the situation is not without challenges, with travel and other restrictions making transactions difficult. “Over the past month we have had plenty of online inquiries from Chinese people, but much less of a presence than usual at open for inspections, developer sales suites and auctions,” he said. MORE: Cheapest mortgages in history for Aussie homeowners Video Player is loading.Play VideoPlayNext playlist itemMuteCurrent Time 0:00/Duration 0:58Loaded: 0%Stream Type LIVESeek to live, currently playing liveLIVERemaining Time -0:58 Playback Rate1xChaptersChaptersDescriptionsdescriptions off, selectedCaptionscaptions settings, opens captions settings dialogcaptions off, selectedQuality Levels720p720pHD432p432p216p216p180p180pAutoA, selectedAudio Tracken (Main), selectedFullscreenThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. 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This modal can be closed by pressing the Escape key or activating the close button.PlayMuteCurrent Time 0:00/Duration 0:00Loaded: 0%Stream Type LIVESeek to live, currently playing liveLIVERemaining Time -0:00 Playback Rate1xFullscreenHow much do I need to retire?00:58 Palmer wants special pontoon permission International students arriving from Asia via Brisbane International Airport early this month. Asian property demand here is partly driven by a desire to house young adults during their education.Foreign investors, especially Asian buyers, are still hungry for property in Queensland, despite coronavirus restrictions delaying transactions. Juwai-IQI, a Chinese global proptech group, shows Brisbane to be the third-most popular city in Australia for Chinese buyers, after Melbourne and top-ranking Sydney. center_img Prior to the coronavirus outbreak the company, which has a focus on new development properties, forecast that buyer demand from this demographic would continue to grow. Juwai IQI executive chairman Georg Chmiel said in 2019 Chinese buyers made 8.9 per cent more inquiries about Australian property than the previous year. “It is impossible to know what will happen with the market over the coming months. Yet this much is certain, if Chinese buyers can buy, they will. They like Australia. They like Brisbane. They want to invest here and to live here.” Brisbane property developer Emil Juresic of NGU Corp, who is selling a $4 million-plus home at 118 Hawken Drive in St Lucia said that 80 per cent of the more than 250 people who attended the recent open home were Chinese. Agents said 80 per cent of the more than 250 people who attended the recent open home for 118 Hawken Drive, St Lucia, were Chinese.Mr Chmiel said the company was working with buyers to help to facilitate transactions in alternative ways, such as sending and signing contracts over email. “My advice to anyone selling a home right now is to do as much online marketing as possible,” he said. “Try to reach overseas and local buyers using online tools that won’t be affected by travel bans or quarantines.” More from newsCOVID-19 renovation boom: How much Aussies are spending to give their houses a facelift during the pandemic3 days agoWhizzkid buys almost one property a month during COVID-197 days agoMr Juresic said he had not seen a drop in inquiries for property since the outbreak.“We are still taking phone calls and doing as many private inspections,” he said.“Buyers are still coming and people are still looking at houses; this has been our strongest month.” Leading property experts are warning investors and homebuyers to determine quickly whether a property is likely to make it to auction in the current market. Real Estate Buyers Agents Association president Cate Bakos said with global restrictions on COVID-19 moving rapidly, there was a high chance vendors could start choosing to “take the money and run”, preferring to accept early offers rather than risk seeing how many buyers turn up at auction. “On the flip side, smaller auction crowds can present significant advantages to buyers looking to negotiate with less competition,” Ms Bakos said. FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOKlast_img read more

CBN FC beat Unity Bank FC to win 2019 AFIFC

first_imgRelatedPostsNo Content Available The Central Bank of Nigeria Football Club has won the 2019 All Financial Institutions Football Club competition, beating the Unity Bank Football Club by a lone goal at the game played at the Pa Ngele Oruta Stadium, formerly known as Abakaliki Township Stadium.The only goal of the pulsating match was scored by Lazarus Ijale, via a spot kick in the 63rd minute of the game.Speaking at the event, which was graced by ex-Super Eagles star, Victor Ikpeba, the CBN Governor, Godwin Emefiele, commended all the teams that participated in the competition, and stressed that the tournament was one of the Bank’s foremost and oldest Corporate Social Responsibility functions.Emefiele, whose remarks were delivered by the Deputy Director in the Corporate Communications Department of the Bank and Head of the Public Relations Division, Veronica Aqua, noted that the Bank remained committed to contributing to the promotion and development of football in the country, in addition to its contributions in golf and tennis.He noted that the AFIFC had become a very significant tournament among financial institutions in Nigeria, particularly as it created an opportunity for social interaction among financial institutions and regulators as well as facilitated the promotion of harmony in Nigeria’s financial system.While congratulating the winners of this year’s competition, the CBN Governor assured that the Bank would sustain its sponsorship of the event, even as he urged financial institutions to continue to uphold the spirit of sportsmanship.The Governor also thanked the Ebonyi State Government for making the stadium available, and the Nigeria Football Federation for mobilizing financial institutions as well as ensuring a hitch-free competition.He further acknowledged the contribution of the media and all the football fans for their excellent conduct during the competition.Also speaking, Ikpeba lauded the CBN for leading the way in promoting the game of football and other sporting activities as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility.Ikpeba stressed the importance of sponsorship to the development of sports in the country, noting that the government or a single corporate entity could not do it all.He also urged other corporate bodies to emulate the CBN in supporting sports for the overall good of the society.Meanwhile, in the third-place play-off that preceded the final match, last year’s losing finalist, the Securities and Exchange Commission Football Club of Abuja pipped Amju Unique Microfinance Bank, Delta State to win the bronze medal.Tags: 2019 AFIFCCBN FCUnity Bank FClast_img read more